Friday, 13 December 2013

My weakness

Everybody has a weak point,
Which is what we need to work more on.
Our settled or regular practice, obsession or lifestyles can trigger diseases occurrence.
Our habits can fuel disease progression.
Although, the effect might be insignificant at the onset,
Accumulation of these insignificant effects can deteriorate our health significantly in the nearest future.
The main reason we should live healthy.
A healthy life style could save you millions, it  can make you live a disease free life.

Listed below are some chronic diseases and risk factors  associated.
The risk factors are chosen because they relate to our lifestyle.

Risk factors: smoking and overweight.
Risk factors: smoking, alcohol and ionizing radiation.
Risk factors: overweight and smoking.
Chronic kidney disease
Risk factors: high blood pressure, smoking, obesity and high cholesterol.
Risk factors: unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases and sharing needles and sharps.
Cardiac failure
Risk factors:  high blood pressure, some medication and alcohol.
Heart disease
Risk factors: smoking and high blood pressure.
Oral health
Risk factors: unhealthy eating, tobacco use and  alcohol.
Liver disease
Risk factors: alcoholism

If you are prone to one of these chronic diseases because of your lifestyle, please speak to your doctor....
Most diseases can be cure if detected earlier......

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