Wednesday, 25 December 2013

Santa lab

Santa does not only give children a gift,
He has a gift for everybody,
A good data for the scientist,
Good  news for the sick.
Come along to his lab to know what he has in stock for science.

Santa stem cell lab
Santa clause is busy in his Santastem  lab working on some stem cells,
He did promised you new teeth if you have lost some,
A new urethra for the urinary incontinent,
a new eye for the blind.
.....walking into the future.

Gene delivery lab
Santa clause is busy in his Santagene lab working on some gene and its carrier,
He has some liposome, chitosan and dendrimer as vector.
He did promised a better delivery of drug  and gene from treatment of chronic diseases.
He is much interested in targeting the cancer cells .
He is using a powerful microscope from the north pole known as the zedfocal  santascope.

Gene targeting lab
I am everywhere said Santa.....
Santa clause is busy in his Santargene lab working on some intracellular pathways,
He has some techniques he is using..Santa blotting, Santa-GC-MS, Santagene knockdown and em..em.
He aim targeting apoptosis, autophagy and mitosis.
He promise a better treatment for the sick...
Santa does not only give children a gift,
He has a gift for everybody,
even the scientists....

Merry Christmas and a happy new year.

Sunday, 22 December 2013

Surfing for scholarship

I have spoken to a lot of people who are in need of a scholarship to study abroad,
I do tell them there is no magic about getting a scholarship,
It's how you go about it.
I have set out some time to write about some of the issues about scholarship.
There are some facts that should be clear to an applicant before putting so much energy into applications.
Read , learn and enjoy.

You are the expert
You are the expert in your area of interest and you know more than a consultant,
therefore you are in charge.
A consultant  can only help base on information you provide.
The money you use in paying a consultant for thinking for you could be save for other processes,
You need a consultant when you don't have enough information about what you are about to go into.
Laziness is when your consultant write the content of your CV,
You need to give the content of your CV, your consultant just need to polish it.
Slothfulness is when your consultant tells you what to be in life,
The foundation of your future is yours to lay.
The counsel I am given you is worth a million,
 And I am sure it works if you take your time to apply it diligently,

From my experience student struggle to get scholarship
Student struggle to get a scholarship,
because they have not taking their time to analyze them self,
their opportunities,
the sources of scholarships,
the right place to apply,
when to apply,
How to apply, and
through whom to apply.

Generic scholarship
The so called generic scholarships with huge publications are good, splendid...but so competitive.
Do you know what my opinion is about generic scholarships?
Avoid generic application as much as possible!
You  have a better chance when you pursue scholarship with little number of applicants.
I will spend my money and time applying for scholarship which I know just tens or hundreds are competing with me,
than scholarship of which millions are competing with me.
I have better chances in the former than the latter.

What to have in mind when applying for scholarships
To be candid, there are several factors being considered before you are offered a scholarship ,
and you need to set yourself in order.
I will be discussing these factors in the remaining part of this piece.

You are in a competition
Never forget that, as you are applying, so others from over one hundred countries are also applying for the same position.
If you have the mentality that you are competing with the world best, you will prepare your applications very well.
I will like to add this.....
Diligence is the template for getting a prestigious scholarship,
You need a good result, GPA, CV and certificate to compete..
So if you are still in school,
work harder to make the best result you can..
Make hay while the sun shines

Don't waste Time:
Time is money, you should take action as fast as possible.
Put in your application before its deadline.

Seek Advice
Never keep quite when you see an experience person in the area you need help.
There are people who are on scholarship.
Ask them how they got theirs.
There are people who are expert in getting scholarship and funding,
speak to them.
Listen to their advice.
and act wisely.

Cast your bread
When applying for scholarship,
you need to forget sentiment,
never listen to failure story,
be motivated and put in your application on time.

When it comes to scholarship issue,
trust nobody,
rely on nobody,
just be swift and persistent.

Don't put your eggs in one basket:
 People disappoint,
rules changes,
criteria might change,
which is the reason you should not put your hope in a single application.
Multi application is good,
although it might be costly...
It's good to know that...
Scholarship is a long term business,
you invest to get back a long term dividend.

Right community:
One of the best way to get a scholarship is to stay amidst the people of the same interest,
people interested studying abroad under scholarship scheme.
Technology have made things easier,
there are several communities with sole interest of advertisement and advice on scholarships on the web.
Join these communities....
The web is full of information and opportunities..use it wisely.

Your CV is the first impression about you,
therefore take extra time and care to write it,
Write your CV to market your self...
Seek counsel from expert on how to write a better CV.

Never give up trying,
a lot  of people with testimonies of scholarships today did not get it the first time,
they tried till it worked out,
that is the reason you need to walk and work with achievers,
 the people whose mind is made up to succeed.

Get yourself prepared for travelling as soon as you put in your applications,
Think ahead,
Think wisely,
............................................................................................................................................................................................remember quitters never win, winners never quit...if you need further motivation or advice, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

Copyright...Oladayo Folasire, 2013.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Crazy opportunist

This  episode summarize one of the way cancer cells moves in the body.
As discussed in one of the previous episode ,
Cancer cells are normal cells that have gone crazy for everything,
Crazy for living, thereby  they escapes the normal way worn out cells are silently killed, without affecting other cells.
Crazy for food and nutrients: they make new blood pipes known as the vascular system and could deprive normal cells of nutrients.
Crazy for space: overcrowding of the cancer cell tends to tell some of them to find  new location to live in.
In order to find a  new location, they move from their original site to another.....metastasis.
This migration is accomplished via two ways.. the blood and the lymphatic system.
In this episode,  the lymphatic system will be discuss.

Lymphatic system
When the body carry food and nutrients to the cell,
The cell remove unwanted material via the blood and the lymphatic system,
In fact majority of the unwanted materials are taking out via the lymphatic system.
The lymphatic system take these material to where they are disposed  or reabsorbed.

Cancer Takes advantage of the lymphatic system
 When the cancer are no more contented in their environment ,
They take the advantage of the lymphatic system to move to a new place where they can settle down and  get establish .
Usually cancer detected before entering or moving in the lymphatic system are easy  to treat or cure.
Therefore, if you notice any lumps ..please contact your doctor.

Friday, 13 December 2013

My weakness

Everybody has a weak point,
Which is what we need to work more on.
Our settled or regular practice, obsession or lifestyles can trigger diseases occurrence.
Our habits can fuel disease progression.
Although, the effect might be insignificant at the onset,
Accumulation of these insignificant effects can deteriorate our health significantly in the nearest future.
The main reason we should live healthy.
A healthy life style could save you millions, it  can make you live a disease free life.

Listed below are some chronic diseases and risk factors  associated.
The risk factors are chosen because they relate to our lifestyle.

Risk factors: smoking and overweight.
Risk factors: smoking, alcohol and ionizing radiation.
Risk factors: overweight and smoking.
Chronic kidney disease
Risk factors: high blood pressure, smoking, obesity and high cholesterol.
Risk factors: unprotected sex, sexually transmitted diseases and sharing needles and sharps.
Cardiac failure
Risk factors:  high blood pressure, some medication and alcohol.
Heart disease
Risk factors: smoking and high blood pressure.
Oral health
Risk factors: unhealthy eating, tobacco use and  alcohol.
Liver disease
Risk factors: alcoholism

If you are prone to one of these chronic diseases because of your lifestyle, please speak to your doctor....
Most diseases can be cure if detected earlier......

Monday, 9 December 2013

Heat progression

This piece is the continuation of 'The world on heat'.
It  further elucidate the disease 'cancer'; its progression and treatment.
This write up is purposely targeted to further provide the knowledge lacking about cancer  and not to scare the readers.
.... If you notice any tumour..visit your doctor.
For easy assimilation the figure above will be use for explaining cancer formation and progression .
The (A) are the normal cells working together in a tissue in order to makes us healthy.
When anything goes wrong and the body could not correct the problem.....the cells might enter the (B) stage.
During the (B) stage, some cells start behaving abnormally  (tumour) among the normal
---- this stage could be regarded as the early stage of tumour development.
 At this stage the tumour is much easier to treat.
This could be by minor invasive surgery depending on location of tumour.
......If you notice any tumour..visit your doctor.
If stage (B) is not treated, stage  (C) could ensure; a stage in which the tumour cells are becoming aggressive
They deprive the normal cells of food and nutrients.
....If you notice any tumour..visit your doctor.
If proper treatment is not implemented, stage (C)  will lead to stage (D).
The cancer cells start moving into the blood.
When the cells get into the blood, they travel  around the body so as to find another home...a situation term metastasis....
.... If you notice any tumour..visit your doctor.

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Wet shame

Over 200 million of the world population is suffering from incontinence; involuntary leakage of urine or feacal material . Majority don't know about this, not because they don't care, but because we don't talk about it.
Urinary incontinence
Whether you pee on your body before getting to the toilet or you pee involuntarily when you are asleep, you are urinary incontinent.....See your doctor. Early visitation will save you some DOLLARS.
You might also be suffering from this condition,  if you pee on your body as a result of urge to pee.....If you notice any of these symptoms.....See your doctor. Early visitation will save you your quality of life.
The worst scenario is when you pee on your body because you smiled, laugh, or lift  some flowers to be planted in your garden....a condition known as STRESS URINARY INCONTINENCE... .....See your doctor. Early visitation might save you your job.
Urinary incontinence might not be a chronic disease, it kills  self esteem..imagine and think about peeing in your pants involuntarily anytime, anyplace, anywhere, even when you are on the stage waiting to be presented with an OSCAR award. Urinary incontinence have huge economic burden,  diminishes quality of life, causes social isolation, low self esteem, shame, unemployment, depression and suicide.  .....If you notice any of the symptoms stated earlier.....See your doctor.
Incontinence can be treated.. .....See your doctor. Early visitation will save you your quality of life.
Incontinence is not a communicable disease.. to your doctor. Early visitation will save you some DOLLARS.
Incontinence may not get you another job.....See your doctor. Early visitation might save you from losing your present job.  


Saturday, 7 December 2013

The world on heat

The world on heat

Cancer is like a house hold name, being discussed day in, day out among people. The purpose of this write up is not scare you but to make you aware of what is going on around you in respect to cancer and  what cancer is. Cancer is a leading cause of death, over 7.6 million people died from cancer in 2008  (World health organisation).

So what is cancer?

Cancer is the uncontrolled growth and spread of cells  (World health organisation).

We are made up of cells. Cells come together to form a tissue.

 Group of similar tissues can form our organ. Our organ work together  as a system such as the circulatory system which involves the heart and other vascular tissue.  When system function properly, that is when we are okay and healthy.

Every cells dies when they are old, when something goes wrong with them or  worn out. When they die, they are replaced by new ones.  

When the worn out cells are not dying, but instead, multiplying uncontrollably, they form tumors. Tumor are classified as benign or  malignant.

Benign tumors are not cancer, they grow locally, they cannot spread,  invade or metastases. If you notice any tumor ... visit your doctor.

On  the other hand malignant tumors are cancerous, they invade neighboring tissue, enter blood vessels and move around the body (National cancer institute). If you notice any tumor ... visit your doctor.

There are different types of cancer and their prevalence also varies with location as described below.

North America: Lung, prostate, breast and colorectal cancer

Northern Europe: Prostate, breast, colorectal and lung cancer

Central  and eastern Europe: Lungs, colorectal, breast, stomach

Eastern Asia: Lung, stomach, liver, colorectal

South-Eastern Asia: lungs, breast, liver, colorectal

Southern Europe: colorectal, breast, lung, prostate

Northern Africa: breast, lung, bladder, non-Hodgkin lymphoma

Western Africa: breast, cervix, uteri, liver, prostate

Middle Africa : liver, breast, cervix uteri, prostate

Western Asia: breast, lung, colorectal, stomach

South-Central Asia: cervix uteri, breast , lung , lip, oral cavity

South-Eastern Asia: lung , breast , liver , colorectal

Melanesia: lip, oral cavity , cervix uteri , breast , liver

Australia/New Zealand: prostate ,colorectal , breast, melanoma of skin

Eastern Africa: cervix uteri , Kaposi sarcoma , breast , esophagus

Southern Africa: breast, prostate , esophagus, cervix uteri

Middle Africa: liver , breast, cervix uteri , prostate

South America: breast, prostate, lung, colorectal

Central America: prostate , breast , cervix uteri ,stomach

Caribbean: prostate , breast , lung , colorectal
(Cancer research UK)

What can predispose you to cancer
·         genetics; some people are more predispose to having some type of cancer because they inherit some cancer related gene (proto-oncogene).

·         Environmental factors.

·         Life styles. etc

If you see, feel or notice any tumor,
see your doctor,
because a significant proportion of cancers can be cured, especially if they are detected early.

Friday, 6 December 2013

one man down !

This earth is a theater,
It all about drama,
 We are all actors and actresses.
It doesn't matter when you come in, your role is important (WE ARE ALL IMPORTANT).
Your name is your character.
You  mount the stage when you are born.
Hence your role starts,
The day you are no more is the day your role ends (EVERYTHING THAT HAS A BEGINNING HAS AN END).
One thing you should have in mind, money is not the reward for this drama,
 It is about the legacy you lay down for the coming generation.
Have you ever ask yourself ,
What  performance  you will be remember for after  you are done with your role?

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Past, present and future

All people need to learn about their past and need to be able to participate in the creation of their own legacy...(adapted from BBC)

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

Stability comes from inside

If you are unstable, shaky or wavy, you need to lower your center of gravity or better.. create one for your self.


It affect us, weaken us, over 200 millions suffers the condition ....affects our quality of life...yet we dont talk about it...

Monday, 2 December 2013

stem cells tech..

Stem cells technology can solve the problem of chronic diseases...
There will be no need for an organ donor...
We just need to freeze down your stem cell.
You will get the organ needed in return whenever you need it
no immune rejection.
no need for immune suppressant...
no  complications..
....BUT there is still a lot to do to get there..

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Life is Good..Letter to the one that matter..

Today is a day that commemorate a day of increase.

It reminds me of  the phrase 'TWO ARE BETTER than 1'.

I bless the day I met you,

It was a night of bliss.

Your input to my life is unquantifiable.

I have seen people, but not like you.

I have seen angels, but you are a super adorable one.

Apart from God, you are the stability  that makes my unstable stable.

the happiness that make my sad happy.

The hope that changes my hopelessness into faith.

the strength that makes my weak strong.

Darling it has been a wonderful time ... I feel as I am on holiday all the time .

Around you. is no dull moment.

I feel I am  on the beach,

tanning under the sun.

Sipping  a cool squash drink after a cold salty bath.

It is all fun around you.

Having you is a privilege and I will always adore you.... promise.





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