Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Crazy opportunist

This  episode summarize one of the way cancer cells moves in the body.
As discussed in one of the previous episode ,
Cancer cells are normal cells that have gone crazy for everything,
Crazy for living, thereby  they escapes the normal way worn out cells are silently killed, without affecting other cells.
Crazy for food and nutrients: they make new blood pipes known as the vascular system and could deprive normal cells of nutrients.
Crazy for space: overcrowding of the cancer cell tends to tell some of them to find  new location to live in.
In order to find a  new location, they move from their original site to another.....metastasis.
This migration is accomplished via two ways.. the blood and the lymphatic system.
In this episode,  the lymphatic system will be discuss.

Lymphatic system
When the body carry food and nutrients to the cell,
The cell remove unwanted material via the blood and the lymphatic system,
In fact majority of the unwanted materials are taking out via the lymphatic system.
The lymphatic system take these material to where they are disposed  or reabsorbed.

Cancer Takes advantage of the lymphatic system
 When the cancer are no more contented in their environment ,
They take the advantage of the lymphatic system to move to a new place where they can settle down and  get establish .
Usually cancer detected before entering or moving in the lymphatic system are easy  to treat or cure.
Therefore, if you notice any lumps ..please contact your doctor.

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