Monday, 9 December 2013

Heat progression

This piece is the continuation of 'The world on heat'.
It  further elucidate the disease 'cancer'; its progression and treatment.
This write up is purposely targeted to further provide the knowledge lacking about cancer  and not to scare the readers.
.... If you notice any tumour..visit your doctor.
For easy assimilation the figure above will be use for explaining cancer formation and progression .
The (A) are the normal cells working together in a tissue in order to makes us healthy.
When anything goes wrong and the body could not correct the problem.....the cells might enter the (B) stage.
During the (B) stage, some cells start behaving abnormally  (tumour) among the normal
---- this stage could be regarded as the early stage of tumour development.
 At this stage the tumour is much easier to treat.
This could be by minor invasive surgery depending on location of tumour.
......If you notice any tumour..visit your doctor.
If stage (B) is not treated, stage  (C) could ensure; a stage in which the tumour cells are becoming aggressive
They deprive the normal cells of food and nutrients.
....If you notice any tumour..visit your doctor.
If proper treatment is not implemented, stage (C)  will lead to stage (D).
The cancer cells start moving into the blood.
When the cells get into the blood, they travel  around the body so as to find another home...a situation term metastasis....
.... If you notice any tumour..visit your doctor.

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