Sunday, 1 December 2013

Life is Good..Letter to the one that matter..

Today is a day that commemorate a day of increase.

It reminds me of  the phrase 'TWO ARE BETTER than 1'.

I bless the day I met you,

It was a night of bliss.

Your input to my life is unquantifiable.

I have seen people, but not like you.

I have seen angels, but you are a super adorable one.

Apart from God, you are the stability  that makes my unstable stable.

the happiness that make my sad happy.

The hope that changes my hopelessness into faith.

the strength that makes my weak strong.

Darling it has been a wonderful time ... I feel as I am on holiday all the time .

Around you. is no dull moment.

I feel I am  on the beach,

tanning under the sun.

Sipping  a cool squash drink after a cold salty bath.

It is all fun around you.

Having you is a privilege and I will always adore you.... promise.





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