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How to get a scholarship: an in depth explanation

I have spoken to a lot of people who are in need of a scholarship to study abroad, locally
I do tell them there is no magic about getting a scholarship,
It's how you go about it.
I have set out some time to write about some of the issues about scholarship.
There are some facts that should be clear to an applicant before putting so much energy into applications.
Read , learn and enjoy.

You are the expert
You are the expert in your area of interest and you know more than a consultant,
therefore you are in charge.
A consultant  can only help base on information you provide.
The money you use in paying a consultant for thinking for you could be save for other processes,
You need a consultant when you don't have enough information about what you are about to go into.
Laziness is when your consultant write the content of your CV,
You need to give the content of your CV, your consultant just need to polish it.
Slothfulness is when your consultant tells you what to be in life,
The foundation of your future is yours to lay.
The counsel I am given you is worth a million,
 And I am sure it works if you take your time to apply it diligently,

From my experience student struggle to get scholarship
Student struggle to get a scholarship,
because they have not taking their time to analyze them self,
their opportunities,
the sources of scholarships,
the right place to apply,
when to apply,
How to apply, and
through whom to apply.

Generic scholarship
The so called generic scholarships with huge publications are good, splendid...but so competitive.
Do you know what my opinion is about generic scholarships?
Avoid generic application as much as possible!
You  have a better chance when you pursue scholarship with little number of applicants.
I will spend my money and time applying for scholarship which I know just tens or hundreds are competing with me,
than scholarship of which millions are competing with me.
I have better chances in the former than the latter.

What to have in mind when applying for scholarships
To be candid, there are several factors being considered before you are offered a scholarship ,
and you need to set yourself in order.
I will be discussing these factors in the remaining part of this piece.

You are in a competition
Never forget that, as you are applying, so others from over one hundred countries are also applying for the same position.
If you have the mentality that you are competing with the world best, you will prepare your applications very well.
I will like to add this.....
Diligence is the template for getting a prestigious scholarship,
You need a good result, GPA, CV and certificate to compete..
So if you are still in school,
work harder to make the best result you can..
Make hay while the sun shines

Don't waste Time:
Time is money, you should take action as fast as possible.
Put in your application before its deadline.

Seek Advice
Never keep quite when you see an experience person in the area you need help.
There are people who are on scholarship.
Ask them how they got theirs.
There are people who are expert in getting scholarship and funding,
speak to them.
Listen to their advice.
and act wisely.

Cast your bread
When applying for scholarship,
you need to forget sentiment,
never listen to failure story,
be motivated and put in your application on time.

When it comes to scholarship issue,
trust nobody,
rely on nobody,
just be swift and persistent.

Don't put your eggs in one basket:
 People disappoint,
rules changes,
criteria might change,
which is the reason you should not put your hope in a single application.
Multi application is good,
although it might be costly...
It's good to know that...
Scholarship is a long term business,
you invest to get back a long term dividend.

Right community:
One of the best way to get a scholarship is to stay amidst the people of the same interest,
people interested studying abroad under scholarship scheme.
Technology have made things easier,
there are several communities with sole interest of advertisement and advice on scholarships on the web.
Join these communities....
The web is full of information and opportunities..use it wisely.

Your CV is the first impression about you,
therefore take extra time and care to write it,
Write your CV to market your self...
Seek counsel from expert on how to write a better CV.

Never give up trying,
a lot  of people with testimonies of scholarships today did not get it the first time,
they tried till it worked out,
that is the reason you need to walk and work with achievers,
 the people whose mind is made up to succeed.

Get yourself prepared for travelling as soon as you put in your applications,
Think ahead,
Think wisely,
............................................................................................................................................................................................remember quitters never win, winners never quit...if you need further motivation or advice, pls do not hesitate to contact us.

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