Wednesday, 10 September 2014

Southeast Asian Studies Regional Exchange Program Scholarship

Introduction:  The language training grant supports the study of a foreign Southeast Asian national or local language through a non-degree course with a tutor duly accredited by a university or a recognized language training institute in the region. The purpose of the grant is to equip Southeast Asian graduate students with proficiency in a Southeast Asian (national or local) language other than their own for individual research. The grant aims to encourage the study of a Southeast Asian country other
than one’s own or a comparative study across the region by M.A. or Ph.D. graduate students and postdoctoral researchers.

      750,000 EUR and may be used over a period of three to a maximum of five years to fund research chosen by the award winner.


          • Southeast Asian nationals enrolled in graduate programs in the social sciences or humanities in a university in Southeast Asia.
          • Applicants must not beolder than 40 years old.
          • M.A. or Ph.D. grant: Southeast Asian nationals residing in the region under the age of 40 and enrolled in social science or humanities graduate programs in a Southeast Asian university
          • • Postdoctoral research: Southeast Asian nationals residing in the region affiliated to a university or research institute in Southeast Asia and who obtained doctorate degree in social science or humanities in the three years preceding the application of the grant.

            9 January 2015

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