Wednesday, 10 September 2014

International and domestic scholarships, UQ Business School Australia

Introduction: The UQ Business School is offering a number of 25% tuition-fee waiver scholarships to outstanding domestic and international students commencing the full-time (12 months) MBA program in January of each year. The scholarship is available to students who undertake their MBA studies equivalent to full-time study as defined by the UQ Business School.

      1. 25% discount on their course tuition fees
      2. additional reimbursement of up to AUD$3,000 to cover travel expenses.


          Eligibility requirements are as follows:

          (a) obtains satisfactory grades; and
          (b) makes a satisfactory rate of progress towards completing the full-time (12 month) MBA program; and
          (c) fulfills the obligations* of the full-time (12 month) MBA program; and
          (d) remains a full-time MBA student.

            Scholarship applications are to be received by 30 November in the year prior to commencement of the full-time

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