Monday, 3 November 2014

How Technology Has Improved the Learning Experience

Centuries ago, education was very basic with little or no technology involved. Slowly, things in schools started changing and evolving. At first you would find a few computers here and there in some schools then the number started to grow and before you knew it, technology became part of education. Today, technology plays a big role in education and through various forms of technology; the learning experience has been made easier and more interesting for students and teachers throughout the world.

Math, for example, is a subject that no student can escape. Math, which was first seen as a 'difficult' subject by some students, has been made easier and more interesting through technology in very many ways. The most obvious way is the calculator, which makes it possible for students to calculate complex calculations without much of a struggle and without wasting a lot of time. Without the calculator, it would be impossible for many people to come up with answers to simple calculations. It began as a simple tool with a few buttons, and now there are calculators that provide answers to very complex math questions. Today, there are calculators everywhere including on phones, computers and tabs.

Technology has also influence the study of languages. Studying languages no longer involves carrying around a big dictionary because now there are digital dictionaries in phones, computers, and tabs. Learning a new language has become so simple that you can now use one of the many translation applications that technology has gifted us. There was a time when the major source of research was books and so students had to stay in the library to work on their research papers but now there is so much information on the internet that is has become one of the major sources of research for students.

Technology has also made it possible for people who cannot attend school physically to get an education. There are hundreds of online classes on the internet that make it possible for even children from third world countries to acquire knowledge from good schools. It has also made communication between students and teachers easier, which makes learning more efficient. School life in general has been made easier as you can now register for classes online, get assignments online and even talk to fellow students without even being in school physically.

The ways in which technology has made learning easier are countless. Technology has made life easier for everyone in one way or another, more so for people in school. It has helped to impact knowledge and has helped students to learn the necessary skills they need to further their careers and fulfill their dreams.

By S.M.A.H

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