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Nottingham MBA Leadership Scholarships , Early bird scholarships UK

Introduction: The University of Nottingham shares many of the characteristics of the world’s great universities. However,  The University of Nottingham is distinct not only in her key strengths but in how our many strengths combine: financially secure, campus based and comprehensive;  research-led and recruit top students and staff from around the world;  committed to internationalising all our core activities so our students can have a valuable and enjoyable experience that prepares them well for the rest of their intellectual, professional and personal lives.

To allow talented applicants from every country and sector to apply early for the Nottingham MBA, Nottingham University Business School are offering a range of scholarships up to fifty per cent off the full tuition fee.

    value of over £120,000.

      Eligibility requirements are as follows:

      You can apply for this scholarship if you:
      • Received an offer of a place on the full-time MBA programme
      • Submitted a 500 word essay on the following topic: 'What exceptional leadership qualities will you contribute to the Nottingham MBA and how will the MBA help you to grow as a leader?'
      • Indicated you are self-financing your MBA and want to be considered for a scholarship
      • academic achievement to date
      • career experience and progression to date
      • the quality of your application
      • your potential to contribute to the learning experience of the programme

        28 February 2015.

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