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British council Scholarships, 2017

British council Scholarships

Introduction:  There are 10-15 British council Scholarships annually of up to £1400 towards the in UK costs of short research or professional visits by academic research scholars and professionals working in the arts, heritage conservation and the humanities. Grants are generally sufficient for up to 3 weeks.


  1. be Indian citizens living in India
  2. be between 25 and 45
  3. have good knowledge of English
  4. have completed their studies and have 4 or more years of research or experience in their specialization, or be in the final stages of their doctorate
  5. state clearly and exactly what they want to do in the UK and which archival material they wish to consult
  6. where relevant say whether they have contacted academic or professional contacts who have agreed to meet them
  7. state how they plan to use the experience on their return to India
  8. not have received a CWIT grant within the previous 5 years.

Fields covered:
History, literature, archaeology, history of art, philosophy, performing and creative arts

The deadline: December .

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