Monday, 13 October 2014

International Student Scholarship, Plymouth University UK

Introduction:  Plymouth University UK, invites application from prospective students for 2015 scholarships.

These unique opportunities may include, but are not limited to:


    Eligibility requirements are as follows:

    To be considered for one of these scholarships you must first hold a conditional offer of a place on a postgraduate taught (PGT) degree programme commencing in September 2015. 
    • Brunei: 2:1
    • Canada: in any province /territory grading system, grade equating to a UK 2:1 as guided by UK NARIC
    • China: prestigious universities 75 per cent, others 80 per cent
    • Ghana: minimum 2:1 in a relevant bachelor degree
    • Hong Kong: B (good) 3.0
    • India: 65 per cent or above (some 60 per cent)
    • Indonesia: Strata 1 Sarjana B-3 (good) Japan: B (70-79 per cent)
    • Japan: B (70-79 per cent)
    • Kuwait: GPA 3.33 or above (out of 4.0). Grading would equate to B+
    • Malaysia:
      • Polytechnics B (65 per cent and above)
      • Mara Institute B (3.0-3.99 good)
      • Universities 2:1
    • Islamic University: 3.5 (B+) very good
    • Nigeria: minimum 2:1 in relevant bachelor degree
    • Oman: GPA 3.5 or above (out of 4.0) Pakistan: GPA 3.5 or above (out of 4.0). 64-75 per cent
    • Saudi Arabia: GPA 4.0 or above (out of 5.0)
    • S. Korea: B+ (85-89 per cent) GPA 3.5
    • Sri Lanka: 70 per cent and above
    • Taiwan: B (70-79 per cent) Average Thailand: B+ (very good) GPA 3.50
    • Thailand: B+ (very good) GPA 3.50
    • UAE: GPA 3.0 or above (out of 4.0)
    • USA: minimum final GPA 3.0 (out of 4.0), or equivalent, in a relevant bachelor degree
    • Vietnam: 7.0
    Other countries not listed above will also be considered.

    30 June 2015.

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